Tour in Baku Hospitable Baku

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Tour in Baku Hospitable Baku


11 Jan - 15 Jan


4 days, 3 nights



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Tour Overview

Tour in Baku Hospitable Baku

4 days / 3 nights

Baku - Gobustan - Absheron

1 day - Arrival
Meeting at the airport. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel Iva Hotel Old City 4 *.
DINNER in the restaurant with dishes of national cuisine.
Bus-walking tour "Night Baku". Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 - Baku
Breakfast. Sightseeing tour around Baku: Nagorny Park, Alley of Heroes Alley of Martyrs, Flame Towers, National Flag Square, Baku Boulevard. In addition, you can see the Philharmonic, "Lesser Venice", the International Center of Mugham and the Museum of the Azerbaijani carpet.
Walking sightseeing tour of the Old Town. This is an old residential quarter in the center of Baku, surrounded by fortress walls with the famous Maiden Tower. Dozens of historical monuments are located on the territory of the old city - the Market Square, mosques, caravanserais, bathhouses, apartment houses and the palace complex of Shirvanshahs - the pearl of Azerbaijani architecture. The filming of the films "The Diamond Arm", "The Man of Amphibia" was held outside the walls of this Old City. DINNER.
Free time in the center of the city. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 - Baku - Gobustan - Absheron - Baku
Breakfast. Excursion to Gobustan. The museum of petroglyphs is the name of Gobustan - a mountainous place in the southeast of the Greater Caucasus Range, located 65 km from Baku. It was here that ancient sites of primitive people were found, leaving behind them a lot of rock paintings - petroglyphs. These primitive monuments of art reflect the culture, economy, worldview, customs and traditions of ancient people. Once the sea splashed right at the foot of these mountains, but then it retreated, leaving characteristic relief marks on the polished boulder rocks. After accidentally, in the 30-ies of the XX century, unusual drawings on rocks were discovered, more than 6 thousand (on 1000 rocks) were "discovered". Also ancient primitive dwellings - caves and parking lots, more than 100 thousand items of material culture were found. Gobustan petroglyphs belong to different epochs. They are made in the period from X - XVIII thousand BC. until the Middle Ages of our era. DINNER. Excursions around Absheron:
- Ateshgah temple - the temple of eternal fire Ateshgah - the real Azerbaijani exotica. About him they know practically all over the world. It is located 30 km from the center of Baku, on the outskirts of the village of Surakhani. This area is known for such a unique natural phenomenon as burning natural gas exits (gas, bursting out, touching oxygen and lighting up). In the modern form the church was built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. It was built by the Hindu community, residing in Baku, belonging to the Sikh caste. However, the history of the temple Ateshgyah is much older. Long ago in this territory was located the sanctuary of Zoroastrians - fire worshipers (approximately the beginning of our era). They gave mystery to the unquenchable fire and came here to worship the shrine. After the adoption of Islam, the temple of the Zoroastrians was destroyed. Many Zoroastrians went to India and there they continued their faith.
- Gala archaeological and ethnographic museum complex. The territory of the reserve covering 156 hectares is dated to the period from III millennium BC. before the 20th century, burial mounds, crypts, houses, 4 water storage facilities, ruins of an ancient castle, 5 mosques, 3 baths and so on. To preserve these monuments, as well as further enrich the reserve due to archaeological finds discovered on Absheron in 2008, the first archaeological and ethnographic complex under the open sky was created here with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The museum complex occupies 2 hectares of territory.
- Yanardag is one of the most amazing natural attractions of the Apsheron Peninsula. It is a mountainside covered in flames, which can not be extinguished by rain or covered with sand, which has been burning for several millennia. The frightening and simultaneously fascinating fiery landscape is actually explained very simply: from the upper layers of the soil natural gas is released, when it comes into contact with oxygen, it turns into a flame.
Return to Baku. Overnight at the hotel.

4 day
Breakfast. Release of rooms. Excursion to the Museum of Azerbaijani carpet. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum was founded in 1967, becoming the world's first specialized museum for collecting, preserving and studying the carpet. His first exhibition was opened in 1972 in the Juma mosque on the territory of the ancient fortress of Baku - Icherishahar. The museum is a treasury of the Azerbaijani national culture, demonstrating the carpet in close relationship with other types of traditional art of Azerbaijan. Its collection contains about 14,000 carpets, embroideries, clothes, copper coins, items of jewelry, modern works of glass, wood, felt. The museum is a scientific center for the study and development of the Azerbaijani carpet.
DINNER. Free time. Transfer to the airport, departure ..

Net price:

15+1 20+2 25+3
250 USD 240 USD 230 USD

The tour price includes:
- transport services
- excursion service with entrance tickets
- hotel accommodation 4 * in 2-3-bed rooms
- meals: 3 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 1 dinner
The tour price does not include:
- flight
- surcharge for a single room
- additional excursion or interactive program (optional).

Note: The tour operator reserves the right to make some changes to the tour program without reducing the overall volume and quality of services: the replacement of hotels by equivalent, the provision of lunches in restaurants and cafes along the route, depending on their loading.

Tour in Baku Hospitable Baku

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