Urological Sanatorium Garangosh

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Urological Sanatorium Garangosh


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Urological Sanatorium Garangosh

Urological Sanatorium Garangosh
Just 35 km from the capital of Azerbaijan in Baku, on the coast of Absheron peninsula, in the resort village of Mardakan is the urological sanatorium "Garanguh". The sanatorium has been functioning since 1979, the territory is 2.4 hectares.

The climate of the resort is subtropical, dry, the average January temperature is about + 2C, July + 25C, precipitation is 200mm per year. The snow cover lasts about 4-5 days. The average annual relative humidity is from 55 to 70%. The number of hours of sunshine is 2800 per year.

The successful combination of air of the Caspian, saturated with healing ions and oxygen, generous southern sun, sandy beaches, and most importantly - the presence of mineral medicinal drinking water from the source of Chirag-Gala allows successfully treating patients with diseases of the genitourinary system at the urological sanatorium "Garanguh".

In the sanatorium "Garangush" there are water-mud baths, where patients take treatment with natural healing mud and curative mineral iodine-bromine water, as well as a drinking gallery with natural healing mineral water "Galaalti" (Naftusi type).

Not everyone knows that along with Truskavets there are other deposits of medicinal mineral water with the content of organic substances of oil origin. For example, the resort of Galaalt in Azerbaijan. So, in 20 km from Devechi district (now Shabran), over the village of Galaalti, in the suburban forests in 1969, a new source of healing water was discovered. In the forest, 7 sources of the same water were identified, which have a large reserve. The flow rate of water is more than 10,000 liters per minute. The low-mineralized waters of Galaalt contain organic substances from 15 to 25 mg / l. This includes ether-soluble organic compounds such as phenols, containing hydrocarbons, volatile organic acids, humic substances, etc. In small quantities, water contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, sodium, potassium, iron, copper. For the waters of Galaalt, the most specific are hydrocarbon oxidizing, disulfuring and thionic microorganisms (about 400 dies) that affect the qualitative and quantitative composition of organic substances.

Interesting and interestingly organized leisure leisure. Sports and entertainment games, shady park lanes, discobar, excursions, dances, concerts, a library, sea bathing will take your free time.
Cozy dining room, aesthetically decorated dishes with a variety and richness of Azerbaijani national and European cuisine at your service.
Healing water "Galaalty" has a unique natural complex of organic substances, which makes it the only therapeutic mineral water in the world, recognized by many urologists.

The sanatorium has a comfortable medical department, equipped with the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and highly qualified specialists-balneologists will provide you with successful treatment.

In the arsenal of the sanatorium:
- Hydropathic institution with natural iodine-bromine baths
- Drinking gallery with mineral water "Galaalt"
- Mud treatment
- Treatment with naphthalan and paraffin
- Electroshinotherapy
- Massage
- Rinsing of the stomach and intestines
- Sauna

The results of treatment are observed by experienced specialists using the following diagnostic equipment:
- Clinical and biochemical laboratory
- Ultrasound
- Electrocardiography

If necessary, you can use the services of specialists:
- Gastroenterologist
- Neuropathologist
- Gynecologist
- Dentist

Medical indications:
- Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract;
- Chronic pyelonephritis
- Chronic cystitis
- Chronic prostatitis
- Urolithiasis disease

Medical contraindications:
- All diseases in acute form
- Oncological diseases
- Acute myocardial infarction
- Infectious diseases
- Stage III hypertension
- Cardiac insufficiency II-III stage
- Pregnancy in all periods
Approximate prices for one person in urological sanatorium "Garangush" for a period of 15 calendar days (accommodation, treatment, 3 meals a day)
1. Two-room double suite - 580 USD
2. Two-room single suite - 663 USD
3. One-room single room - 560 USD
4. Single room - 565 USD
5. One-room double room - 530 USD
6. One-room double room - 540 USD
7. Family cottages for 4 people - 1900 USD

Urological Sanatorium Garangosh

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